B-Slim Premium Weight Loss Management 5 synergistic products that help your body “burn” and eliminate stubborn fat. It’s an all inclusive, simple weight management system. Adaptogens: Maximize your energy at the cellular level with this proprietary blend of natural ingredients. B Slim!™ is designed to normalize the cell for optimum performance. If you need energy it gives it. If you don’t, B Slim!™ won’t stress your system or give you the jitters. Here’s what you get: * 1 All Natural Appetite Control * 1 All Natural Day Time Burner * 1 All Natural “easy” cleanse for Colon health, * 2 Low Glycemic instant Shakes – Chocolate and Vanilla * 1 All Natural night time burner to work while you sleep. Cover all the bases: 5 unique products that work wonders alone. When combined with each other, they create a Penta-Blast of action that burns and removes fat while you continue to enjoy a premium lifestyle. IMPORTANT!!! No Phen Phen or harmful chemicals. All natural Ingredients in B Slim!™ are designed to complement your intricate system.

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