This Is Feb 1, 2011. I am going to try to lose 45 pounds by July 4. Last night we changed our Church into a place where I can walk and ease into sit ups and push ups, lift weights (other than the one above my belt) etc. I will keep a daily record of my progress on the internet. Many of my overweight friends have told me that they want to check my progress so perhaps they may decide to do something similar. In preparation for this opening day of my weight loss program I have created a club. Here is a link to my Fat Stompers Club. … If you would like to join me in an effort to lose weight and improve health you are invited and welcome to join the Fat Stompers Club. I am creating the Fat Stomp Quartet. During the past 4 days I have composed 50 new songs for the Fat Stomp Quartet. More new songs are running through my mind and many of thse new songs coming to me now will be for the new Fat Stomp Choir that we will be building as we go. This morning I am off to a good start. I measured the distance in the space that resulted from moving the Church furnishings and researched how many ordinary steps it would take to walk a mile. I have not walked a mile in more than 40 years. Before I started walking I enjoyed a small meal with less than 300 calories and lots of good nutrition. I had 1 Cup of 2% milk. I had one Zyng Energy capsule. I spent 30 minutes making this movie for YoTtube, and then I sarted walking. I set my self a goal to walk a mile a day to get <b>…</b>

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