There are numerous weight loss programs in the market today; most of them come up with their own specific diets to lose fats. Some use the famous South Beach diet; while others are already comfortable using the cookie diets. how to lose weight fast tipsIn any case, each of them has their own advantages where some people found them very comfortable depending on their current lifestyle and food preferences. To help you start with your own diets to lose fats aside from the ones mentioned above, I shall discuss some useful tips that will help you achieve the desired amount of weight to shed off from your body. One of the few things I shall mention may struck you and raise your eyebrows; you want to know why? Well, it’s because I am going to suggest that you consume about 5 to 6 meals per day. That’s right, more than 3 meals per day. This is based on the theory that body metabolism increases as you increase your frequency of food intake because it will drive the body to increase energy consumption as a result of repeated digestion and absorption. Consequently, increased metabolic rates lead to burning of more fats. Moreover, your diets to lose fats should also include consumption of foods rich in protein in every meal because protein has the highest Thermogenesis Induced by the Diet or TID level among many nutrients. This is used by many experts to measure the energy used by the body when digesting nutrients and burning fats. Hence, the more you consume foods rich in protein

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