Fasting to lose weight fast is one of the many ways to purify your body of the toxins. This article elaborates the fasting tips and benefits and how to succeed in this particular program.

Fasting has almost always been a very traditional and conventional method for losing weight since it requires starving. It basically involves zero food intake (no carbohydrates, proteins and fats) but intake of just water or fruit/vegetable juices; the water fasting and the juice fasting. However, a juice fasting stimulates the digestive system leading to hunger whereas water makes one feel full without the urge to eat. Fasting, in contrast to other diet plans, is a very strict plan to lose weight and requires thorough dedication from the faster. So let’s see in which way fasting to lose weight fast can prove to be helpful.

Water Fasting to Lose Weight
Water fasting is the strictest liquid diet to lose weight fast. Water is the most essential fluid and thus recommended that one drinks 8-9 glasses of water so as to be well hydrated. Our body cells require water for many life activities and the more water we drink, the better for our body metabolism. Water fasting is basically a body cleansing program wherein all the fecal debris, toxins and unwanted body fluids are thrown out. In short, water fasting helps detoxification of the body. You must have observed that whenever we indulge in workouts or diet plans, we lose 3-4 kgs very quickly, that’s the water weight, rather the unwanted body fluids that are flushed out of the body. So the main purpose is getting rid of such material. Water fasting is generally a 40 day program wherein one requires drinking water (8 glasses) with completely avoiding other foods or liquids. One might wonder, Is it possible to survive on water? The answer is yes. While water fasting, the body tries to use the stored glucose (glycogen), then the fats (ketosis), for energy and reviews prove that the body never runs out of these essential entities. This eventually leads to fat burning causing weight loss.

Juice Fasting to Lose Weight
Juice fasting for weight loss is another alternative wherein you can rely on different vegetable and fruit juices that’ll help you get the required minerals and nutrients for survival. This detox diet is better and easier to follow than the water fasting. It is recommended that one includes herbal supplements or laxatives to prevent anemic conditions. Given below are among the many juice fasting recipes options.

Vegetable Juices
Celery, cucumber, red bell pepper, parsley, kale, beet greens, chard, spinach, dandelion leaf, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, beets, sweet potatoes.

Fruit Juices
Dark grapes, apples, lemon, acai berry.

Herbal Juices
Yucca root, fennel, spearmint, peppermint, basil, ginger, garlic, green onion, chilli pepper, fresh turmeric root, milk thistle, wheat grass juice, spirulina.

Benefits of Fasting
Let’s see how fasting is beneficial to our health.

  • Reviews suggest fasting to lose weight fast does work wonders since the food intake is absolutely zero.. so no calories.
  • Water and juice fasting has been used against diabetes and obesity along with many other health complications like epilepsy, arthritis and allergies only after a doctor’s consultation.
  • It not only detoxifies the body, but does it efficiently with all the body energy utilized in cleansing and making one feel better and fresh.
  • It is a very good solution to normalize your blood pressure and fluid accumulation problems in joints.
  • Fasting is proven to reduce the cravings for alcohol, smoking, and drugs making you get rid of these addictions.
  • You will realize that your taste buds start to feel younger and come alive after a long 40 day fasting program!

You are bound to suffer from joint and muscle aches, body odor and constant head aches while fasting but this will last only till the toxins prevail in your body. People are generally advised to start off with a good balanced diet after the span of 40 days. Fasting to lose weight fast is an excellent way to better your health and definitely your way of living.

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