www.HealthZone.co.nr Find out more that this website. "HealthZone is a website founded by Aizat (Website Founder) and a few of his friends. This website aims to give advice and tips on Weight Loss and in Being Healthy. We also have a forum that will hopefully be filled with posts in the future. We will be updating the content of this website to meet the needs of people. This is a new website, with "members" features. Signing up is just a click away, and its free! Join us." Aizat’s Views. (Founder) Year 2006-2008, I never was popular in school. I was teased a lot. I used to weigh 110kg (242lbs). I was obese. I had a few friends, never had a girlfriend, and everyone made fun of me. I remember walking into my classroom one day, and one of my classmates shouted "Look, Its King Kong". Another time I was walking up the staircase, and someone made those noises like "Boom….. Boom… Boom…", Imitating the sound of my footsteps. It was totally irrelevant. I had to go through all that in my secondary school years. And because of that, I had low self esteem. There was one particular incident, that woke me up, stroke an epiphany into me. I rode with my dad on his motorcycle to get some stuff from the mart, and halfway along the road, the motor stopped. It broke down. My dad got up furious, looking almost insane and said to me, "When are you going to lose the weight son? You’re getting heavier." I broke down. I cried in my room for a few minutes, and swore to myself that i’ll lose <b>…</b>

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