tinyurl.com You will have to choose the food that actually help you to burn fat rather then selecting boiled pigs knee or bacon all the time. But you should be able to find foods you love and mix them up into a delicious, healthy and fat burning meals you will never have enough of. What Exercise You Can Do To Shrink Belly Fat?. That is all up to you I believe that any type of exercise is good for your body and it will certainly shrink your belly fat. But if I give you exercise routines you do not enjoy, then you will not do it and therefore you will never lose belly fat or you will never see you six pack ABS. Three Things You Need in Order to Lose Belly Fat. Although it is a common misconception, starving yourself isn’t the thing to do if you want to lose belly fat. Yes, you might need to eat fewer calories, but if you starve yourself you will probably keep the belly you currently have and maybe even gain more. There are three things you need if you want to get rid of belly fat, and these are the right diet, the right exercise, and the right mindset. As far as a diet that will help you to lose belly fat goes, you basically want to eat healthy foods in normal amounts. If you go on a crazy diet where you only eat certain foods, or if you eat too little or too much, you won’t be successful in your quest to get a flat belly. Calories from simple carbs like sugar and white bread tend to end up being stored for later energy needs ie being turned into fat . The healthier foods

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