Today I had a rigorous workout with Kat François in Hyde Park London. See how I get down with this workout and try not to laugh at me…lol coz its tough believe. I never thought that changing my lifestyle would take this kind of conviction, but I tell you what I am going to see it to the end. More love, Lyrical Healer. Seminar: Get Fit The Healing Way. Health and Fitness Consultant Lyrical Healer has struggled for over a decade with being overweight, in the glare of the public eye. 2010 saw Lyrical lose over 40lbs in weight and she has since dropped 4 dress sizes. Get Fit The Healing Way invites you to meet the professionals who helped made Lyrical’s success possible. You can expect….. • A FREE ‘Change Your Mind, Change Your Life’ motivational CD. • Complete your own personal fitness plan for 2011. • Lyrical Healer’s weight loss testimony. • Network with professional experts. • A FREE workout sheet. PROFESSIONAL EXPERTS • Fitness Mentor Barbara Campbell – Barbara Campbell has lost a staggering six stones. Campbell has transformed the lives of many women by helping them back onto the road of fitness & wellbeing. • Life Coach Mary Sealy — Mary is a phenomenal, empowering Life Coach who engages her clients to be specific about aspirations. • Personal Trainer Jo Magaji – Jo went from a massive size 24 to a perfect slender 10 & has a BSc (HONS) Fitness & Health. • Kat Francois marathon runner – Kat has built up her stamina to run in several major marathons & will be <b>…</b>

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