Hi I’m Beth your Health and Wellness Coach. Who wouldn’t want to cleanse and detoxify their body of all the toxins we are exposed to? What if I told you that you are allowed to eat real food without counting calories, fat or carbs. AND you can lose up to 10 pounds in 10 days or how about up to 30 pounds in 30 days? Did I get your attention? Great, guess what Diets don’t work, but this does. Go to the weight loss section here on this site and choose which 30 day cleanse and burn program is right for you. And let’s get started losing that weight and feeling Healthier. How would you like to get straight to the point and figure out why we gain, lose, and even gain weight again? Well you can with the Ultimate Body Makeover, which is a 90 day coaching program that comes to you via email and pods everyday for 90 days. This coaching will get into your body, mind and soul and, gets to the root of the problem. We are so excited about this next product. Do you know someone with Heart Disease, Diabetes or Cancer? There is now a product that will provide optimal wellness protection and nutritional support that may help reduce the risk of Heart Disease, Diabetes and Cancer. It is called 8rx The Next Generation of Wellness. Order yours today for you and your loved ones. While looking around you will notice that there is several other great nutritional and wellness products to choose from. All of which will help you obtain your overall Health and Wellness. I am here to help you with your

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